By city ordinance, the City of Kellogg operates the garbage service within the city. All occupied premises are required to subscribe to and make use of the garbage and refuse collection. Property owners are responsible for payment of Sanitation pickup.

Basic residential garbage pickup is provided for with one (1) sixty-four gallon can which is emptied once a week. Larger cans are available for an additional charge to those who require extra capacity. The garbage must be in the can that is provided by the City. Anything extra, either in bags or cans will incur an additional charge. Owners will be billed once a month for this service on the first of the month after you have used the service. If your Sanitation bill is not paid by the 15th of the month, penalty charges will apply.

We also have roll-off dumpsters available for rental.

Please call City Hall for current rates.

If a holiday falls on your pickup day, your garbage will be picked up the following business day. If you have any questions about Sanitation Service call 208-786-9131

Payments can be made by mail, phone, or in person at Kellogg City Hall, 1007 McKinley Avenue, Kellogg, ID 83837

Sewer & Sanitation payments can also be made by credit/debit card either in person or by phone. There is no provision at this time to pay via the internet. If you see a website claiming to allow you to pay for City services by credit card on that site you should assume that it is a fraudulent site. There are no third party costs for paying by credit/debit card and we have no agreement with any third party to accept payments on our behalf.