Why do I pay two sewer bills?

One bill you receive is from the City of Kellogg. This charge is for maintenance of the main sewer lines that your individual lateral service lines are connected to. These main lines carry your sewage to the main interceptor line belonging to the South Fork Coeur d’Alene River Sewer District (SFCRSD).

The other bill you receive is from the SFCRSD. They own and maintain the main interceptor line and the treatment facility located at Page. The charges on this bill are for the maintenance & operation of the interceptor and the treatment plant and this service is billed quarterly by the Sewer District.
In July of 2002, the City of Kellogg implemented a sewer maintenance fee to help defray the ongoing costs of operation, repair, and maintenance of these aging main sewer lines. Nearly all of these main lines are being replaced during the Road & Sewer Rehabilitation Project that began in 2015.

For current rates or any other questions please contact Kellogg City Hall at 208-786-9131.
Sewer & Sanitation payments can also be made by credit/debit card either in person or by phone. There is no provision at this time to pay via the internet. If you see a website claiming to allow you to pay for City services by credit card on that site you should assume that it is a fraudulent site. There are no third party costs for paying by credit/debit card and we have no agreement with any third party to accept payments on our behalf.